Source Readymade Garments (RMG) From Bangladesh Wisely With Master Apparels.

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Master Apparels is one of the most reputed and trusted buying office in Bangladesh. We have a proven track record of success and a broad list of satisfied clients whom we are serving with pride for decade. By choosing Master Apparels as a sourcing partner of readymade garment (RMG) from Bangladesh buyers can benefit from a range of advantages –

Wisely Source RMG from Bangladesh with Master Apparels

Local Expertise: Master Apparels is based on Bangladesh that is the 2nd largest readymade garment (RMG) manufacturer of the world. We have a deep understanding of the local culture, customs, business practices and regulations. This allows us to navigate the complexities of Bangladeshi market and provide valuable insights and advice to buyers.

Experience and Expertise: Our management team has an extensive experience in the Bangladeshi RMG industry. We also have expertise in product development, quality control and logistics.

Range of Services: Master Apparels offers a wide range of services, including product development, sourcing, quality control, and logistics.  We have a comprehensive understanding of the entire supply chain and we capable to provide customized solutions to meet the buyer’s specific needs.

Wide Networks of Suppliers: Master Apparels have established relationships with a wide network of suppliers, including manufacturers, fabric suppliers, and quality control professionals. This allows us to find the best suppliers for each specific product, ensuring that buyers receive high-quality products at competitive prices.

Cost Savings: Master Apparels can help buyers save costs by negotiating prices, sourcing materials and suppliers, and optimizing production processes. By working with Master Apparels, buyers can benefit from economies of scale, reduced logistics costs, and access to favorable trade terms.

Quality Control: Master Apparels has a robust quality control process in place to ensure that products meet the buyer’s quality standards. We have created an independent quality control team who has a clear understanding of the buyer’s quality requirements. Our quality control team conducts quality checks at various stages of the production process to identity and resolve any issues.  This helps to reduce the risk of receiving substandard products and protect the buyer’s reputation.

Communication: Effective communication is crucial when sourcing from foreign country. Master Apparels is responsive and transparent in their communication.  We provide regular updates on the production process and be available to address any concerns or questions.

Risk Mitigation: Master Apparels can help mitigate the risks associated with international trade. Master Apparels takes on the responsibility of managing logistics, including customs clearance and shipping, which can be complex and time-consuming. This allows our buyer to focus on their core business activities.

Time Savings: Master Apparels helps buyers save time by managing the entire procurement process from start to finish. This includes product development, sourcing, quality control, and logistics. This allows our buyers to focus on other aspects of their business, such as marketing and sales.

By considering these factors, you can choose wisely with Master Apparels when sourcing readymade garments from Bangladesh.

Contact Details of Master Apparels

Mailing Address: 69/A, Barobagh, Mirpur-2, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Phone: +8801539525323



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